Due to COVID-19, we will are modifying our current business operations. We will be open Tuesday through Thursday from 9AM -5PM to accommodate patients with post-surgical or severe pain. If current or prospective patients would like an appointment, please call us at 212 – 222 – 6525 to schedule.

For all other patients, please consider our offering of Telehealth PT sessions. Please click here for more.

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The new year is here

The new year is here. This is time for us to reflect on the year we’ve just had and look forward to improvements for the future. These improvements may not necessary be a resolution (which rarely work) but more an awareness to weaknesses within ourselves that need some attention. Changing a weakness to a strength doesn’t just happen overnight (or in an enthusiastic vow right before the ball drops in times square). It takes years to develop, then it changes and it evolves again. People are constantly changing and evolving and usually find solutions to the weaknesses. The question isn’t “are we going to turn our problems into solutions?” but “how much time are we going to take to turn a problem into a solution?”. There’s an old saying that health is wasted on the youth. Why do say that? Because young people spend so much time and energy on problems that eventually work out. Then when we get older we ask “why did I waste so much energy on that problem?”.

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It all starts with attention and respect.

Everything powerful in the human spirit can be seen as a foundation. Maintaining, and better-still building-upon and strengthening, those important foundations, takes constant care, nurturing, and attention. Self confidence begins with a foundation of respect and needs constant attention and care to maintain and build one's unique self. Similarly, strong, loving relationships need continual nurturing and respect to honor that unique someone in your life.

Why would our bodies be any different? We need to apply these same principles to our unique physical bodies as well. Some readers may laugh at this statement but we truly have to respect, admire and attend to our physique before it can develop in the powerful way we want it to. Watching TV, reading the newspaper, or talking to others while working out, (specifically while strength training) does not develop this foundation. Yes, it makes the workout pass by more quickly and distracts you from something you may not absolutely feel like doing at that moment, but the truth is why do it if you're not going to do it properly?

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