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Why Is Pediatric Physical Therapy Important?

If you or a loved one has been injured at work or playing a sport, you might consider seeking physical therapy in Morningside Heights. Many people don’t realize some physical therapists work specifically with children, performing pediatric physical therapy.

The main reason pediatric physical therapy is important is because children’s bodies grow and change so quickly that seemingly minor mobility issues can lead to significant developmental problems down the line. The licensed physical therapists at Park North Physical Therapy in Morningside Heights, New York, are committed to supporting families by providing excellent pediatric physical therapy.

How Might a Child Benefit From Physical Therapy?

There are many types of pediatric physical therapy, so children can benefit from physical therapy in various ways, depending on their needs and their family’s goals.

Addressing Developmental Delays

A child may show certain physical signs of developmental delays, such as the following:

  • Missing crawling and walking milestones
  • Turning their head only to one side
  • Walking only on their toes

A pediatric physical therapist can help a child experiencing these delays by creating a treatment plan that focuses on improving a child’s coordination and gross motor skills, like jumping and walking. It is crucial to ensure children develop and strengthen the right muscles to support their continued growth.

Injury Rehabilitation

Like adults, children sometimes get injured. Injuries can happen while participating in sports, like an ACL tear, or from an accident, like a broken bone after a fall. Children are also particularly susceptible to overuse injuries because their bones, muscles, and tendons are already undergoing stress from growing and developing.

By applying specific techniques to help growing bodies, physical therapists help children recover from injuries and regain flexibility and range of motion during rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy for Children With Disabilities

Children with disabilities like Down Syndrome or spina bifida can reap many benefits from pediatric physical therapy. Treatment plans for these children often involve helping them develop safe and coordinated muscle movements to reduce pain and increase independence.

Disabilities can cause a lot of stress in children who may be trying to figure out how to navigate a world that wasn’t designed for them. Learning to move their bodies without pain can increase their sense of autonomy, leading to improved mental and physical health.

What Happens in Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy relies on consistent work to be most effective. Because of this, pediatric physical therapists understand the importance of making the time in the clinic fun and enjoyable.

Pediatric physical therapy utilizes play-based techniques during therapy sessions to help children accomplish their goals, like turning exercises into games and including playground-type equipment.

Your Neighborhood Experts in Morningside Heights, NY

The team at Park North Physical Therapy in Morningside Heights, NY, is professional and experienced in providing high-quality care for all your family members, including children.

If you are still wondering why pediatric physical therapy is important, call 212-222-6525 today to learn more about how physical therapy can benefit your child.