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Innovative Physical Therapy in Morningside Heights, NY

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Comprehensive Therapy Services

The Neubie® device

Neubie (Electrical Stimulation Therapy)

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Pregnant woman physical therapy care

Women’s Health

Health of the pelvic floor can have a big impact on a woman’s quality of life. Physical therapy can help in the treatment of pelvic floor issues.

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Physical therapy active release technique illustration

Active Release Technique

We are certified in Active Release Technique. ART is a hands-on touch that allows a practitioner to diagnose and treat muscle, tendon, fascia and nerve injuries.

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Running Injuries and Causes illustration

Running Injuries and Causes

Running is a repetitive movement activity that can cause pains and strains commonly in knees, back and the foot/ankle. We have advanced training in finding where the issue originates, relieve the pain and work to restore proper running mechanics.

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Low Level Laser Therapy Illustration

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a low intensity light based therapy that been used for over 40 years for management of musculoskeletal pain with increasing evidence of success. We commonly utilize LLLT in management of both acute and chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and address swelling.

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Senior couple golfing TPI certification illustration

TPI Certified

TPI is a golf specific rehabilitative program that treats injured golfers to not only relieve their area of pain but to improved range of motion and strength in areas that are tight and weak, respectively.

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Woman stretching on the floor in front of a computer using telehealth illustration

Telehealth Appointments

Our telehealth appointments are 1-on-1 video sessions that are from 30 - 60 minutes.  During your session, you'll have an opportunity to ask about any changes in your condition, have your exercises supervised and corrected, and make changes to your plan of care if needed.

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Get on the road to your recovery today!

Physical injuries can significantly affect your quality of life. A sports injury or muscle strain can even prevent you from living a physically healthy life.

At Park North Physical Therapy, we provide physical therapy in Morningside Heights, NY, to help you rehabilitate and recover so you can get back to daily life.

Using innovative therapies, our team finds the physical source of your pain and treats it. We create personal treatment plans to treat muscle strains and more. By considering your current physical health, symptoms, and medical history, we tailor our approach to your needs.

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As a staple physical therapy clinic in the Morningside Heights, NY, area, our reviews reflect our commitment to our community and you.


We Start With a Personalized Assessment

Bringing a personalized approach to your care requires a deep understanding of your challenges. At Park North Physical Therapy, we assess your needs in different ways.

One of the main ways our practitioners do this is with our Next-Gen Kinotek Assessment technology. These assessments rely on advanced sensor technology rather than subjective assessments.

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Kinotek allows us to create precise 3D visualizations of you during each session. These visualizations track your movements, give our physical therapists insight into your progress, and serve as a baseline to evaluate and treat you. Kinotek assessments can also:

  • Expedite your recovery

  • Increase body awareness

  • Keep you motivated and encouraged by your recovery

In addition to Kinotek, our physical therapists use Digitsole Technology and active release techniques to assess your condition and progress. These precise assessments help more efficiently and accurately source your pain so that we may begin treating it.

Experienced Physical Therapists in Morningside Heights

As sports orthopedics, we specialize in treating sports injuries. However, we also provide physical therapy in Morningside Heights, NY, for other common conditions such as but not limited to:

  • Patella femoral syndrome

  • ACL and meniscus injuries

  • Tendonitis and ligament tears

  • Muscle strains, joint pain, and arthritis

  • Strokes, CVAs, and balance deficits

Patient doing stretch exercises
Running injury

Speeding Up Recovery

With extensive experience, we create treatment plans that speed up your recovery process.

We also have advanced training in treating running injuries. Our therapists can pinpoint the area causing pain or strain on your body and work to restore proper function. This includes strains in your knees, back, and foot/ankle.

For amateur and professional golfers, we also offer a golf-specific rehabilitative program. This program can increase your range of motion and other functions you depend on to play the sport.


Treating Your Pain With Leading Therapies

As a trusted clinic for physical therapy in Morningside Heights, NY, we use innovation to assess pain and treat it. Our comprehensive therapy services meet your different needs and comfort levels while still giving you optimal care. Some of the therapies we provide include:


Low-level Laser Therapy

As a form of low-intensity light therapy, LLLT helps reduce inflammation or swelling due to acute or chronic pain.


Neubie Therapy

By sending current signals to the location of your pain or where you’re experiencing muscle limitation, this FDA-approved therapy taps into your nervous system to effectively re-educate your muscles.


Cupping Therapy

As an alternative medicine, cupping therapy reduces pain, inflammation, and other ailments.

The Go-To Clinic

Our services are highly selective and intentional. As the go-to clinic for physical therapy in Morningside Heights, NY, our goal is to help you heal quicker and reach your highest physical potential faster.

To learn more about ways to reach your highest physical potential, make sure to check out our blog.

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We Believe in Optimizing Your Physical Health

At Park North Physical Therapy, we want to help you improve and continue operating at your best. This is why our approach to your physical health isn’t a short-term plan but a long-term one.


We provide services that strengthen your muscles and help you live a better life. Our Merrithew Pilates Reformer gives you a full-body workout while strengthening your muscles. We also offer cupping therapy services as a form of deep-tissue massage to improve circulation and aid relaxation.

Heart Rate Variability

Our HRV (heart rate variability) therapy procedure is another way we optimize your physical health. During this five-minute test, we check the state of your nervous system to identify an optimal path for your wellness.

If you’re in recovery, this test can give you insight into your sympathetic nervous system. If you’re looking to increase overall wellness, HRV therapy can also help you understand how to better respond to your body’s needs in your day-to-day life.


As a leading innovator in the physical therapy field, our priority is providing you with personalized care. With creative and innovative solutions, we help you heal quicker to reach your physical peak faster.


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