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Drive Away Common Golf Injuries with the Power of Targeted Physical Therapy

Spending time on the golf course or at the driving range can be a great way to improve your health and well-being. However, suffering from common golf injuries can keep you away from the green and limit your movement. Learn how physical therapy exercises can alleviate pain caused by common types of injuries for golfers. 

At Park North Physical Therapy in Upper Manhattan, we help avid golfers hit the green with confidence. Visit us if you want to strengthen your golf game and have a speedy recovery. 

Common Golf Injuries We Treat

Shoulder Injuries

If you're experiencing shoulder pain after a round of golf, it's possible you have a rotator cuff injury. This occurs when the tendons surrounding your shoulder joint pinch or rub together due to inflammation. Don't delay seeing a healthcare provider for this type of injury. 

A pinched rotator cuff can tear if you don't treat it with physical therapy, and the only solution for a completely torn rotator cuff is shoulder surgery. 

Back Injuries

Every time you swing a golf club, you risk hurting your mid and lower back. Your vertebrae need sufficient flexibility and mobility in order to prevent straining your muscles or ligaments. If your mobility is lacking, you could herniate a disc or tear a ligament in your back. 

A back injury can put a halt to your normal activities and even disrupt your sleep. Seeing a physical therapist can accelerate your recovery time by strengthening the soft tissue along your vertebrae. As a result, you may be able to get a better night's sleep, which is crucial for recovering athletes. 

Hip Injuries

You have to rotate your hips during every golf swing. If you don't have proper flexibility, your hip joints will feel achy or stiff after you finish your last hole. The outer part of the hip joint can become inflamed or the soft tissue surrounding it may tear. 

Many hip injuries directly relate to the lower back. A licensed physical therapist can target both areas of the musculoskeletal system to prevent further injuries. 

Elbow Injuries

Do you find yourself having elbow pain after 18 holes? This common injury, known as golfer's elbow, happens when the tendons in the inner part of your elbow become inflamed. A similar injury, known as tennis elbow, impacts the tendons in the outer part of the elbow. 

Physical therapy aims to strengthen the joint and increase your range of motion. You can enjoy a pain-free golf game when you take the time to target the areas of your body that face extra strain. 

Miscellaneous Injuries

Although these are the most common golf injuries, you may be experiencing pain in other parts of your body. For example, repetitive motions could lead to a wrist injury. You may even find that your hands are covered with callouses and need to tape your fingers for relief

No matter what type of injury impacts you, a dedicated physical therapist can provide an effective treatment plan. With regular appointments, you can return to the green feeling better than ever. 

Visit Our Physical Therapy Practice in Morningside Heights or Harlem for Faster Recovery

If you're itching to get back on the course but common golf injuries are keeping you from the game, Park North Physical Therapy can help. Our experienced team of physical therapists specializes in various sports injuries and can give you a personalized treatment plan that will relieve your pain. Count on our staff to put you back in the swing of these with targeted physical therapy. 

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