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Increase Athletic Performance and Reduce Running Injuries with Digitsole

Increase Athletic Performance and Reduce Running Injuries with Digitsole

Great news for anyone in our community training for the marathon or seeking an edge in their performance: There’s a new technology available to measure and improve your walking and running abilities, correct gait issues and provide advanced recovery for neurological, orthopedic, and conditions related to age or athletic performance.

Digitsole Pro technology is an FDA-approved Class II device that has been developed for healthcare providers to measure objective biomechanical data in order to assess and improve mobility disorders. Park North Physical Therapy is proud to be one of the first clinics to put this into practice for our patients!

Avoid Injuries and Take Your Running to the Next Level

We put a lot of pressure on our feet every day and, as a result of the weight and friction we place on them, mobility issues occur which can devastate our lifestyle, whether it affects your job, athletic performance or day-to-day comfort. 

By putting extra attention and care into understanding how our feet support the body, we can make adjustments to our gait that prevent injuries. That’s exactly how Digitsole Pro operates! By assessing your unique walk and stride, Digitsole’s smart insoles connect to a dedicated app to provide feedback on 10 biomechanical parameters that give real-time, accurate data that your physical therapist can analyze to provide a personalized, clinical application to improve rehabilitation or performance.

Watch this video to see Digitsole Technology in action:

Digitsole Smart Insoles Walk active & Run - We walk you through life!

Understanding Your Feet and Your Health

We do not often think about our feet compared to other markers for body health, but your foot can be an overall strong indicator of overall health. For example, your feet can reveal possible vascular disorders or neuropathy based on sensations they feel. They could also show issues such as gout or any number of fractures or injuries that can be debilitating.

Even in a foot with no recent examples of trauma, long-term injuries can lurk and grow without us realizing, including stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis and arthritis which can radically alter your lifestyle.

Everyday wear and tear on your feet through constant movement or activities like running can have long-term repercussions on your overall health, such as joint injuries and circulatory issues.

How Digitsole Helps Mobility Disorders

Walking or running without proper support can lead to physical ailments that can risk future mobility. Park North PT’s Digitsole Pro service maps your movement via connected chips inserted into your insoles that processes the collected data into clinically usable data.

A person’s gait is unique to them, and Digitsole’s Smart Insoles identify imperceptible movements that make you different. The lightweight material, embedded intelligence, and ergonomic technology can scan your feet as you walk and provide real-time data to your mobility app or physical therapist. These lightweight insoles can help you profile your performance and are great for therapeutic and technique purposes.

Digitsole Pro’s objective biomechanical data is especially helpful for wellness and sporting purposes. For active walkers and runners, the digital insoles can provide essential data on your steps by analyzing your strides, revealing weaknesses and confirming strengths with Digitsole.

Train for the NYC Marathon with Digitsole Technology

For our runners in the community preparing for this year’s NYC Marathon, a Digitsole assessment can help you unlock a new level of performance and achievement. Park North Physical Therapy provides the self-awareness and technology necessary to look at yourself in the mirror during your training period and establish the running adjustments and subtle ways to improve your overall performance. 

For therapeutic purposes, the data supplied by Digitsole can show the link between footfalls and your joints, which our therapists can apply to a personalized plan that uncovers and optimizes your healing and biomechanics. In the end, Digitsole’s running technology and our PTs will precisely indicate corrections to improve performance and prevent injury.

Test Digitsole Technology For Yourself

Ready to see how Digitsole can benefit your unique movement? 

Visit our Harlem or Morningside Heights physical therapy clinic to have a running assessment performed. We’ll reveal new ways to improve your motion, identify mobility issues and take your performance to a whole new level. Contact us today!