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Meet Your Park North Physical Therapist: Pape Diagne

Coming from Northern Virginia, Pape Diagne graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S. in Health, Physical education and Exercise science, with a concentration in health science. He would later move to NYC where he would obtain his DPT from Columbia University.

Pape has a specific interest in treating a variety of orthopedic injuries via functional training of the body as a whole along with implementation of hands-on manual techniques to alleviate symptoms & improve overall functional performance.  With a holistic outlook on life, Pape’s mission at Park North Harlem is to reduce the emotional and physical anguish that comes with injury or illness to help patients get back to living at their fullest capacity!

Get to know more about Pape with our quick Q&A below.

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Q: Why did you become a PT? 

Pape: I’ve always enjoyed human interaction and making a positive change in the lives of others. Physical therapy allows me to foster a meaningful relationship with individuals who start off as strangers but later evolve into companions through the transformative journey of rehabilitation. I find physical therapy intellectually stimulating in that there’s always a variety of orthopedic conditions to treat. The human body is an intriguing work of art and every case feels like a unique puzzle waiting to be solved, ultimately assisting patients in being able to rediscover their joy & living life to the fullest. 

Q: What’s your favorite NYC restaurant right now? 

Pape: Mala Project!

Q: Where do you like to stay active or workout in NYC? 

Pape: My hobbies include ping pong, rock climbing, biking & jiu jitsu. 

Q: Where do you like to hang out on the weekends? 

Pape: I’m always on the move and trying something new! On any given weekend, I can find myself anywhere in Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens.

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