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Active Release Technique Certified Therapists Now Available at Park North

Active Release Technique (ART) is a cutting-edge, hands-on soft tissue treatment that is quickly becoming the gold standard in the field of physical therapy. Park North Physical Therapy in Upper Manhattan is proud to announce we have two ART certified therapists on staff!

What is Active Release Technique?

This innovative approach to soft tissue care utilizes the therapist's hands to break down scar tissue, improve range of motion, reduce pain and restore proper function to affected areas. With its impressive results and growing popularity among athletes, it’s no surprise that ART is quickly becoming the go-to treatment option for patients across the country.

The Benefits of Active Release Technique

One of the key benefits of ART is its ability to target and release scar tissue, which is a common cause of pain and restricted movement. Scar tissue forms when the body tries to repair damaged tissue, and over time, it can build up and create stiffness, trap nerves, cause discomfort and limit mobility. ART uses specific movements and pressures to break down scar tissue, effectively restoring normal function and reducing pain.

ART is especially effective for athletes who are looking to improve performance, reduce the risk of injury and recover more quickly from injuries. With its focus on hands-on care, ART is able to target the root cause of pain, rather than simply mask it with medication. In fact, studies have shown that Active Release Technique can be up to three times more effective than traditional physical therapy in reducing pain and improving range of motion.

Active Release Technique Takes a Custom, Hands-On Approach

One of the biggest advantages of ART is that it is a highly individualized approach, with each treatment being tailored to the specific needs and goals of each patient. This allows our therapists to effectively target the root cause of the problem and achieve optimal results. The ART approach is also very versatile, as it can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, from carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow to shin splints and back pain.

The Intensive Certification Process of Active Release Technique

Despite its impressive results, becoming certified in ART is no easy feat. The certification process is highly rigorous, requiring extensive training and practical experience. To become certified, our therapists must complete a series of courses and hands-on training sessions, and must also pass a written and practical exam. The rigorous certification process ensures that only the most skilled and knowledgeable therapists are able to use ART, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients. That’s why we’re so proud to have two ART-certified therapists on staff to serve our New York community.

Active Release Technique Preferred By Professional Athletes

Active Release Technique was developed by Colorado sports chiropractor Mike Leahy in the ‘80s, and it didn’t take long to become the go-to method for pro athletes and active individuals all over the world.

The popularity of ART among athletes and sports teams speaks to its effectiveness and the confidence that athletes have in this cutting-edge treatment. For example, the NFL's San Francisco 49ers, the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning, and the NBA's Miami Heat are just a few of the many teams that have adopted ART as a key part of their athletic performance and injury recovery programs. 

"At the Miami Heat, we believe in using the best tools and techniques to help our players perform at their highest level. That's why we've made ART a key part of our athletic performance and injury recovery program. The results speak for themselves, with players experiencing reduced pain, improved mobility, and faster recoveries. We couldn't be happier with the results." - Erik Spoelstra, Head Coach, Miami Heat.

Active Release Technique Available in Upper Manhattan

ART is now considered the gold standard of hands-on, soft tissue care, offering patients an effective, individualized approach to reducing pain, improving range of motion and restoring proper function. 

With its impressive results and growing popularity, it is no surprise that our student-athlete patients and weekend warriors are turning to ART as their go-to treatment option at Park North Physical Therapy. 

If you're looking for a highly effective and personalized approach to physical therapy, reach out today or call 212-222-6525 to be connected with Divya Rajaraman, DPT, one of our certified ART practitioners!