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Meet Your Park North Physical Therapist: Samuel Lu

Originally from the Bay Area, California, Samuel graduated with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Columbia University. He has had experience working with a wide variety of populations, including athletes, weight lifters, neurological injuries and all types of orthopedic injuries.

As a practicing physical therapist, he implements an individualized treatment program to meet everyone’s specific goals and needs. He is a proponent of education about the body, so the knowledge can carry over into everyday life and movement. Get to know more about Samuel with our quick Q&A below.

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Q: Why did you become a PT? 

Samuel: I believe that PT’s can be at the forefront of healthcare and make an immediate impact and difference in people’s health through conservative care that doesn’t require immediately rushing to take medication or undergoing surgery

Too often we expect a magical pill or surgery to solve everything, but as the saying goes “exercise is the best medicine”, and it has a longer lasting impact in people’s lives than through a temporary solution. I enjoy seeing people progress and go through the process of learning more about themselves and their bodies, and the impact I can have on that. 

Q: What’s your favorite NYC restaurant right now? 

Samuel: Pig and Khao

Q: Where do you like to stay active or workout in NYC? 

Samuel: I play basketball and go to a crossfit gym

Q: Where do you like to hang out on the weekends? 

Samuel: At some restaurants and breweries in my neighborhood

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Whether you're an athlete wanting to perform better on the field or suffering from an injury, our team’s expertise can make a real difference in your journey to better health. If you're in the Upper Manhattan area, take the first step toward a healthier, more active life with Park North Physical Therapy.

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