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Incredible Rehab Benefits of the NEUBIE Device for Physical Therapy

Incredible Rehab Benefits of the NEUBIE Device for Physical Therapy

Did you know that Park North Physical Therapy features one of the most innovative, effective e-stim machines currently available to target neurological conditions, remove pain and return movement and functionality in patients after just one use?

Park North’s NEUBIE services feature a transformative device that gives physical therapy patients a more targeted approach to pain management and rehabilitation. With this cutting-edge NEUBIE technology, we’re able to develop more comprehensive treatment plans for our patients and community that help get you moving with confidence faster! 

Let’s look into how this revolutionary, FDA-cleared technology taps into the power of the nervous system to quickly address and correct a range of mobility concerns.

What is the NEUBIE and How Does it Work?

The NEUBIE is a patented electrical stimulation (e-stim) device created by NeuFit. It sends mild electrical pulses through the skin to stimulate injured muscle and nerve tissue and ease pain. Unlike other e-stim therapies that use alternating currents, the NEUBIE device uses a pulsed direct current waveform.

The electrical pulses stimulate your central nervous system, prompting your nerves to contract or relax the surrounding muscle fibers. Repeated muscular contraction improves blood flow to the area, supplying oxygen for the injured tissue to repair itself faster. It can also help strengthen your muscles, which may be helpful when re-learning basic movements during rehabilitation.

If you’re considering using the NEUBIE to heal, recover or return to pre-injury functionality, expect some impressive results based on these outcomes.

4 Benefits of Using the NEUBIE Device for Physical Therapy

  1. The NEUBIE rewires the nervous system

While traditional rehab therapy often concentrates solely on muscles, NEUBIE therapy targets the nervous system directly. It can help your physical therapist detect trigger points faster and focus on treating the injured tissue with more precision than many other treatments. Essentially, the NEUBIE’s bioelectricity “re-educates” the nervous system to help you overcome neurological imbalances and disorders.

  1. The NEUBIE identifies the root cause of pain

Placing NEUBIE electrodes on your skin during exercise can help physical therapists identify the underlying neurological causes of your pain. Its unrivaled accuracy saves time during diagnosis, helping your PT create better, personalized treatment plans for faster recovery. The NEUBIE device retrains your nerves, correcting dysfunction that causes pain and helping the body relearn how to move comfortably.

  1. The NEUBIE strengthens muscles and prevents atrophy

When the NEUBIE sends electrical impulses to the nervous system, the muscle fibers surrounding your nerves contract and relax. Repeated muscle contractions strengthen the muscles - making exercise and everyday movement easier. Muscular strengthening is vital for preventing atrophy after an injury that prevents you from using your muscles regularly. Many athletes enjoy NEUBIE therapy to overcome fatigue and pain, enhancing their physical performance.

  1. The NEUBIE improves blood circulation

Sending electrical impulses into the body stimulates your circulatory system - improving blood flow to muscles and other tissue. Better circulation helps your blood vessels transport oxygen and nutrients around the body faster, speeding up recovery time after injury. A new study also suggests that electrical stimulation therapy, such as NEUBIE treatments, even makes blood vessels more permeable for faster wound healing. (Learn more about the current research around the NEUBIE.)

What to Expect From NEUBIE Physical Therapy

We’re ready to start when you are! 

NEUBIE technology is safe and effective and works similarly to other e-stim therapies, such as TENS or EMS. First, your physical therapist will attach small electrodes to your skin at the site of your pain or injury. These small electrodes attach painlessly and are easy to remove. Once the electrodes are in place, you’ll move through some everyday movements or exercises (manual therapy) under our professional supervision. 

Once the NEUBIE helps your physical therapist identify the cause of your pain, we start retraining the nerves and muscles to function at their best. Our patients report noticing visible results after just the first session with the NEUBIE.

Experience NEUBIE Therapy in New York

Park North Physical Therapy is a trusted physical therapy clinic in NYC. We enjoy offering innovative technological solutions to our patients and helping our local community move comfortably and with confidence. 

Contact us to learn more about our NEUBIE physical therapy services in New York.