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Year-End Wrap Up: The Patient Perspective of Park North PT

We’re so grateful for 2022 and for the opportunity to be your local physical therapy specialists for another year. Since 2008, Park North Physical Therapy was created to serve our community with sports orthopedics, hands-on care and the very latest in education and technology to match your unique wellness needs and goals. 

But rather than give you our take on how operations and goals were improved and met - we’d thought we’d share the real story behind Park North PT’s success this year: our patients. 

Below, we are sharing a handful of the hundreds of meaningful feedback we received from our patients. Each of you represents an incredibly important story in the life of our clinic, and we are proud to be a very important milestone in your health and wellness journey.

Top 2022 Patient Reviews on Park North Physical Therapy:


About ten years ago, my doctor prescribed PT for my severely arthritic knees. On the recommendation of neighborhood friends, I made an appointment with Sam and have been returning regularly ever since. What a difference he and his wonderful staff have made in my life! Although my arthritis is still very much with me, thanks to their strengthening exercises and massages, I seldom need a pain pill and have been able to avoid knee replacements. At 83, I can walk as fast as a thirty-year-old and without a cane. I can’t recommend Park North PT highly enough. 


After a horrendous bout of sciatica, a doctor implied I’d be on a walker for life. On my wife’s advice, I wheeled myself to Park North. Sam evaluated me and predicted I’d be free of the walker within four months. He was right! Needless-to-say, he and his team are tops in my book. 


I just had knee replacement and knew I’d need PT. I’d been to Park North 6 years ago so although folks recommended several practitioners, I knew where I was going. It’s convenient and they always work with my schedule. Sam listens and makes every effort to ease my discomfort but still puts me through the necessary paces. I would recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy. And, it’s a friendly, clean environment with great music.


The staff at Park North PT are professional and attentive, and the facility is extremely clean and well maintained. Sam helped me with both a shoulder and neck problem. His work on my neck got rid of pain that I had been experiencing for weeks. I recommend Sam if you are looking for an experienced, professional and pleasant therapist.


At 68, with two hip replacements and 6+ vertebral compression fractures,

I’ve worked with a number of in and out-patient physical therapists. The quality of the therapy has ranged from very good to why bother. When I started experiencing walking problems caused by back issues, I asked for a referral to a new clinic. Park North Broadway is a short bus ride from my building. I went by to check the place out and spoke with Kevin Yamamoto, who I liked.

I worked with Kevin twice a week from February through April. He has a calm, low key manner which is exactly what I need. Kevin began with questions about the problems I was experiencing, and then asked about any other past issues. I was impressed with his questions. As we worked together, there were a number of times when he explained why I should not do certain exercises because of one of my on-going problems. Then he gave me an alternate, modified exercise.

Kevin has an excellent relationship with his assistant, Julia. They worked together to monitor my progress, my pain issues (this is not the no pain / no gain approach), my posture, and my stamina. One of the things that impressed me most was Kevin’s knowledge of physiology, and his ability to help me understand what was causing my problems.

I woke up recently with a pain I hadn’t felt since before my PT, and that ‘not again’ sinking feeling. Then, just like the man who was taught to fish, I thought calmly about things I learned from Kevin and began working on solving my problem.


Excellent experience every time. I've been back and forth to this place for years. First, for a back injury, then following my double hip replacement and, most recently, a neck issue. The owner, Sam, hires really great therapists. I've worked with both Sams, Kevin and, most recently, Pape, and never been disappointed. Nice guys and I left in shipshape every time. Thank you!


A PT clinic like no other - friendly, relaxed environment with dedicated, caring therapists who are skilled and a sense of humor and good cheer to boot. Perfect when you're working through pain and healing your body. Can't recommend enough!


The best physical therapy treatment I've ever had. I almost take it for granted that the place is clean, the bathroom is well stocked, and they sanitize everything between uses. The staff here is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I did a few extra sessions after I started feeling better just because I liked being there. A special shoutout to Dr. Victoria Garrett!


I came to Park North with a lot of pain in my lower back - and Sam cured me! He is really, really good at what he does. For me it was a combination of exercise, massage and some kind of machine stimuli. He and his team are considerate, thoughtful and very flexible. Highly, highly recommend him.


The morning after a basketball game, I woke up with some new pain in my left lower back. I could not sleep and was almost paralyzed with pain. I fought through it the next day then had the same, albeit worse experience that night. The second morning, I went to City MD where they prescribed anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants. I then walked in unannounced to Park North  PT and asked for a same day appt.

Pape took me in, instantly. He assessed me and then treated me for an extended session, focusing on range of motion and strengthening a handful of hip muscles. By the end of the session, I was 40-50% better on pain and 100% better on confidence around movement... all thanks to Pape and his willingness to see me on the spot, as well as the thoughtful, caring and expert treatment I have come to expect from Park North. Samuel and Pape and the whole team are amazing. And it all starts at the top, with the owner Dr. Sam Morjaria.

I could not recommend this place more. And I definitely recommend you go there and build a relationship before you end up in an emergency situation like I did.


I suffer from an autoimmune disease that began to cause issues with my mobility. With my first visit, I felt very comfortable. The staff are friendly, caring and kind. Because my sessions went so well, I graduated from their program earlier than expected. Although I completed my therapy a while ago, I still use the exercises taught to me daily. I recommend this place to everyone because you will be in good hands.


I chose Park North Physical Therapy at the recommendation of a friend. My experience with the team was the best I’ve ever had recovering from injury or surgery. The facility is immaculately clean with 100% COVID-19 precautions and the highly experienced therapists work with you to partner and collaborate on your recovery. Plus, the practice has a digital app so they can give you exercises tailored to your progress for you to do at home. 

My therapist, Sam L., has advanced degrees from Columbia University and was knowledgeable about all the latest techniques and strategies for full recovery. Like everyone at Park North, Sam has a very friendly and supportive personal approach to clients and it is a very diverse and inclusive practice which I really appreciated. I highly recommend this practice as the very best.


So grateful for the professional help I received for what had been a chronic problem. I chose to travel to Park North, which is quite a distance from my home, although there are many competent PTs closer to my home. However, my MD strongly recommended this facility so I chose it. No regrets, only gratitude. My "chronic" problem has evolved into an occasional one and I faithfully continue the exercises from the caring, skilled staff that led to my recovery.

Thank you Park North and a special shout out to Sam!


The antithesis of a PT factory, Park North occupies the ground floor of a Harlem brownstone and has a friendly, informal air that belies the serious skills of the therapists, all grads of Columbia's School of Physical Therapy. I received excellent treatment following rotator cuff surgery and actually enjoyed the process, which culminated each session with a hot shoulder wrap. Bonus: they have great playlists. I hope I never have to go back, but if I need PT again, I'll return.


Great dedicated staff serving the community. Eager to support their patients. Not only that, they regularly have students  and physical therapists from Columbia and other institutions train and do their rotations here to learn how to implement the same exceptional quality of care.

Yunhao Dai

I saw Dr. Victoria Garrett and treated for a chronic ankle sprain. Dr. Victoria Garrett is extremely knowledgeable and was able to set various detailed exercising plans to help my sprained ankle recover. Everyone in Park North including Dr. Garrett is passionate about what they are doing, and they are definitely one of a kind in physical therapy.

Looking Forward to 2023 as Upper Manhattan’s Preferred Physical Therapists

Whether you’re looking to recover from an injury or improve your overall wellness, we would love the honor of being a part of your story in 2023. 

It’s easy to get started - just call or visit us for a quick screening and together we can build a program of care that helps you achieve your goals in the new year!