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Start Training Now with Physical Therapy to Prepare for Summer Sports

As the warmer months approach, we’re already daydreaming about getting outside and participating in our favorite sports and activities. Whether it's playing pick-up basketball games, going for a run or taking a long hike, there's no denying that summer is a time when we all want to be active and enjoy the outdoors. 

Even after this relatively mild winter we've had in New York, it's likely you've been cooped up indoors for most of the season, and our bodies often struggle to adjust to the demands of recreational activities once the weather turns. That's where physical therapy comes in. 

Let’s review why it’s always best to visit your local Park North Physical Therapy clinic near you to properly prepare for a lively summer of sports and activities.

How Physical Therapy Gets You Ready For the Summer Season

Prevent Future Injuries

First and foremost, physical therapy can help prevent injuries. Our expert physical therapists can easily assess your current fitness level and identify areas of weakness or imbalance in order to create a personalized program to address those issues. By strengthening the muscles that support your joints and improving your flexibility and range of motion, you'll be less likely to experience a sprain, strain or other injury when you start ramping up your activity level. This is especially important if you've been relatively sedentary over the winter, as your muscles and joints may be stiff and prone to injury.

Fast Track Your Recovery

Another benefit of physical therapy is that it can help you recover from any setbacks or injuries more quickly. If you've experienced an injury in the past, or if you're currently dealing with one, our physical therapists in Harlem and the Upper West Side can design a program to help you regain strength, flexibility and range of motion. By following a plan of exercises and stretches designed for your unique body and goals, you can speed up the healing process and get back to your favorite activities more quickly.

Improve Your Fitness

Physical therapy is a great way to improve your overall fitness level. Even if you don't have any injuries or specific functionality issues to address, working with a physical therapist can help you improve your strength, endurance and balance. This can translate into better performance in your chosen activities, as well as a decreased risk of injury. Your Park North physical therapist can also help you set goals and track your progress, which can be a great motivator as you work towards achieving your fitness objectives.

Design a Unique Training Program

Perhaps most importantly when training for the summer season, your physical therapy sessions are tailored to your individual needs and goals. We know that no two patients are exactly alike, and everyone has different strengths, weaknesses and areas of focus. Our experienced physical therapists partner with you to create a program that addresses your specific limitations and goals, whether you're looking to improve your form, increase your stamina or just feel more comfortable and confident in your body. This personalized approach is especially valuable if you have a specific event or activity you're preparing for, like a race or a summer sports league.

Get in Shape for the Summer with Physical Therapy

If you’re planning ahead for a fun, healthy (and injury-free) summer, physical therapy is a great way to prepare for a lively season of sports and recreational activities. 

Visit your nearest Park North Physical Therapy clinic to request a free screening and discuss your summer movement goals. Your body (and your future self) will thank you!

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