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ACL and Meniscus Injury Recovery at Park North Physical Therapy


Understanding ACL and Meniscus Injuries

ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and meniscus injuries are among the most common knee injuries, especially for athletes or active individuals. These injuries often result from high-impact activities that involve sudden stops, pivots, or awkward landings and need a comprehensive recovery program of physical therapy to heal.

At Park North Physical Therapy in Upper Manhattan, our goal is to guide you through a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and promotes optimal recovery to reach your goals quickly and safely.

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Common Causes of ACL & Meniscus Injuries in Upper Manhattan

Athletes, weekend warriors and active individuals are particularly susceptible to ACL and meniscus injuries due to the nature of their activities. New Yorkers often suffer ACL and meniscus tears as a result of the strain their commute or hobbies can place on their bodies.

Dr. Sam Morjaria, owner and physical therapist at Park North Physical Therapy commented on the common causes of knee pain,“Anytime someone comes into the office with knee pain, the first place I look is at the core, hips and ankles. Usually the source is found in the hips. Weakness in the hips and core puts more pressure on the knees. Also, weak ankles and a tight big toe can cause increased strain on the knee.”

Among our patient population in Upper Manhattan, here are the common causes for ACL and meniscus injuries in Harlem and Morningside Heights we see:


Sudden Stops

Abruptly halting your movement while running can place immense stress on your knee, potentially causing tears.



Rapidly changing direction while your foot is planted can lead to ACL or meniscus injuries.


Jump Landings

Landing awkwardly from a jump can cause significant strain on your knee, leading to injury.


Everyday Moments

For older adults, meniscus injuries can occur from simple actions like getting up from a chair, due to natural tissue degeneration.


Pain, swelling, limited movement and instability during activity.

  • Pain: Immediate and severe pain in the knee joint.
  • Swelling: Swelling within a few hours of the injury.
  • Limited Movement: Difficulty moving or putting weight on the affected knee.
  • Instability: A feeling of the knee giving way during physical activity.

Diagnosing ACL and Meniscus Injuries

A proper diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment. At Park North Physical Therapy, we work closely with your physicians to ensure accurate diagnosis through physical examinations and imaging tests such as MRI or X-rays.

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ACL & Meniscus injury treatment at park north

Treatment for ACL and Meniscus Injuries

Treatment varies based on the severity of the injury and your overall health. Your doctor may suggest non-surgical or surgical treatment depending on your injury. At Park North Physical Therapy, we offer non-surgical and post-surgical treatment for knee injuries. Our therapists will guide you through gentle exercises designed to strengthen the knee and restore mobility.

In cases of severe injuries, surgery may be necessary to repair the damaged tissue. Post-surgery, physical therapy becomes an essential part of the recovery process. Our tailored rehabilitation programs focus on restoring strength, flexibility and function to the knee.

Knee Rehabilitation at Park North Physical Therapy

Our approach to rehabilitation involves creating a personalized treatment plan that evolves as you progress. Initially, we focus on reducing pain and swelling, then gradually introduce exercises to improve range of motion and strengthen the knee.

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Active Release Therapy
Hands-on, manual therapy techniques can improve knee mobility and reduce pain.
Strength Training
Exercises targeting the muscles around the knee can help provide support and stability.
Neuromuscular Re-education (NEUBIE)
Utilizing electrical stimulation with the NEUBIE device, can enhance muscle re-education and pain relief to restore normal movement patterns and prevent future injuries.
Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
Using low-intensity laser therapy can promote tissue healing and reduce inflammation.

Prevention Tips for ACL and Meniscus Injuries

Preventing knee injuries involves understanding and mitigating risk factors. Essentially, to optimize your health, stay proactive with your training rather than reactive to injury.  Here are some prevention tips:


Proper Conditioning

Strengthen muscles and joints through appropriate training techniques.


Correct Footwear

Wear well-fitted, high-quality footwear to provide proper support.


Targeted Exercises

Engage in exercises that specifically strengthen the knee and improve flexibility.

Working with Park North Physical Therapy in Upper Manhattan

Choosing the right physical therapist in Harlem or Morningside Heights is crucial for effective recovery. Park North Physical Therapy stands out from the competition with cutting-edge technologies, certified manual therapy techniques and a patient-first approach that builds a program around your unique needs and goals.

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Experienced Professionals
Our therapists have extensive experience in treating ACL and meniscus injuries.
State of the Art Facilities
Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology and equipment.
Patient-Centered Care
We focus on creating a supportive and individualized treatment plan for each patient.

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Let our team of physical therapists in Harlem and Morningside Heights help you recover and regain your active lifestyle.