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Telehealth is an integral part of healthcare, and it has become vital during times of social distancing. Physical therapists typically treat their patients through physical contact, and treating through telehealth has been a relatively new experience for us at Park North. However, we have found that telehealth provides us with an opportunity to become more creative in our approach to evaluating and treating people. There are effective ways that we can help patients move and feel better without physical contact, and telehealth allows us to take advantage of the many exercises and stretches that can be performed with little to no equipment. Many exercises using body weight alone can still be extremely challenging.

Telehealth is in our present now, and it will be in our future. It has opened up possibilities for how we can see and treat patients. No longer does travel or distance need to be an obstacle. People can now receive the high quality treatment that they need, when they need it, without leaving their homes. We believe that telehealth physical therapy will empower patients as they will learn how to perform exercises, self-mobilizations, stretches, and other techniques on themselves. This is an opportunity for us to revolutionize the delivery of and approach to healthcare and patient empowerment.

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