Park North Physical Therapy PLLC was established in 2008 and has since developed an impeccable reputation in the Harlem community with a growing physician referral base and loyal clientele. Park North PT specializes in sports orthopaedics and hands-on care.



Some Common Conditions We Treat:

•Sports-Related Injuries
•ACL/Meniscus Injuries
•Ankle Sprains/Plantarfasciitis
•Strength & Conditioning
•Running Problems
•Tendonitis & Ligament Tears
•Injury Prevention

    •Patella Femoral Syndrome
    •ITB Syndrome
    •Rotator Cuff/Biceps Tendonitis
    •Low Back Pain/Herniated Discs
    •Muscle Strains
    •Shoulder Impingement
    •Sports-Specific Training

   •Post Surgical Management
   •Joint Pain & Arthritis

   •Postural Dysfunction
   •Balance Deficits

   •Knee & Hip Replacements

Efficient Service
Timeliness is crucial in health care, especially physical rehabilitation. Park North Physical Therapy in Harlem works to get you scheduled for treatment right away so you are not waiting weeks for an appointment.



Traveling in NYC can be complicated and difficult, especially when your doctor is requesting you have sessions 2 or 3 times a week. Park North PT is conveniently located in Harlem (upper Manhattan between 121st & 122nd streets) with street parking and easy drop off / pick up.

The 1200 square foot facility is located on the ground floor of one of Harlem's historic landmark brownstone buildings and has been described by clients as a "serene" and "non-hospital like" environment.