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Benefits of Neuro VR for Physical Therapy | Park North PT

The Benefits of Neuro Rehab VR for Physical Therapy

Every year, thousands of people experience strokes, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s Disease. These same people turn to physical therapy to help regain functionality and independence, but often, traditional PT isn’t enough to keep patients engaged with their programs.

Neuro Rehab VR is a Fort Worth-based company offering groundbreaking new technology to make physical therapy more enjoyable and accessible. Their virtual reality programs boost a patient’s motivation and confidence through immersive therapy programs that allow for more effective treatment and faster recovery.

What is Neuro Rehab VR’s XR Therapy System? 

Neuro Rehab VR designed its cutting-edge XR Therapy system to improve the physical therapy experience for patients and providers. It’s a virtual reality system that places patients in an immersive augmented environment, presenting them with various activities and games that require physical movement. 

The games often emulate everyday tasks, such as grocery shopping, to build confidence and mobility in a safe environment under a therapist’s supervision.

How Does Neuro Rehab VR Work?

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to build neural pathways through repetition and practice, allowing you to learn new movements. Virtual reality encourages neuroplasticity by offering sensory stimulation, haptic responses, variable difficulty levels, task-specific movements and constant feedback on a patient’s progress. 

This technology is FDA registered and clinically validated and has been shown to build neuroplasticity faster than traditional physical therapy alone. 

6 Benefits of Using Neuro Rehab VR in Physical Therapy

1.     Encourages Faster Recovery

VR therapy allows patients to simultaneously work on cognitive and physical functioning for more efficient physical therapy treatment. It can target multiple areas of the body at once, offering a more challenging session that helps patients build postural control, balance and power concurrently, often leading to faster recovery.

2.     Creates Immersive, Enjoyable Therapy

Virtual reality makes physical therapy more fun, with engaging games and activities encouraging movement. Patients become immersed in an augmented world enhanced with lights, sounds and haptic responses that feel less monotonous than traditional physical therapy. This immersive environment is especially valuable for pediatric physical therapy. 

3.     Boosts Patients’ Motivation and Confidence

Patients have timed, task-specific goals while playing virtual reality games, naturally boosting their motivation to improve their personal best scores. Increased motivation and a sense of no physical restrictions in the VR environment encourage patients to challenge themselves during therapy, building confidence for the real world. 

4.     Decreases Fall Risks

Neuro Rehab VR’s system involves helping patients into a standing or sitting position with supportive frames that prevent them from falling while enjoying virtual exercises. The physical therapist also provides supervision and posture correction, allowing patients to practice everyday movements in a safe environment. 

5.     Makes Physical Therapy More Accessible 

Many health insurance schemes only cover a limited number of physical therapy sessions after injury. The multi-functionality of Neuro Rehab VR’s technology often allows patients to recover within fewer physical therapy sessions, bypassing the limitations of their insurance. Neuro Rehab VR aims to make physical therapy more affordable with portable gear people can use anywhere.

6.     Promotes Highly Adaptable Programs

Neuro Rehab VR offers diverse activities and games that the therapist can change and combine according to each patient’s needs. These customizable programs allow instant difficulty level changes and exercise variations for more efficient physical therapy sessions. Each program tracks the patient’s progress, quantifying their results and adapting the treatment plan accordingly.

Experience Neuro VR Physical Therapy in Upper Manhattan

Park North Physical Therapy offers innovative solutions for physical rehabilitation at our NYC clinics. We support our local community through personalized care and cutting-edge equipment in a warm and welcoming environment. 

We pride ourselves on our unique approach to physical therapy and healing and feature the latest technology and techniques to help you reach your mobility goals, build confidence and regain independence after an injury. 

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