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Outpatient Occupational Therapy Services


Comprehensive Therapy Services

The Neubie® device

Neubie (Electrical Stimulation Therapy)

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Pregnant woman physical therapy care

Women’s Health

Health of the pelvic floor can have a big impact on a woman’s quality of life. Physical therapy can help in the treatment of pelvic floor issues.

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Physical therapy active release technique illustration

Active Release Technique

We are certified in Active Release Technique. ART is a hands-on touch that allows a practitioner to diagnose and treat muscle, tendon, fascia and nerve injuries.

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Running Injuries and Causes illustration

Running Injuries and Causes

Running is a repetitive movement activity that can cause pains and strains commonly in knees, back and the foot/ankle. We have advanced training in finding where the issue originates, relieve the pain and work to restore proper running mechanics.

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Low Level Laser Therapy Illustration

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a low intensity light based therapy that been used for over 40 years for management of musculoskeletal pain with increasing evidence of success. We commonly utilize LLLT in management of both acute and chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and address swelling.

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Senior couple golfing TPI certification illustration

TPI Certified

TPI is a golf specific rehabilitative program that treats injured golfers to not only relieve their area of pain but to improved range of motion and strength in areas that are tight and weak, respectively.

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Woman stretching on the floor in front of a computer using telehealth illustration

Telehealth Appointments

Our telehealth appointments are 1-on-1 video sessions that are from 30 - 60 minutes.  During your session, you'll have an opportunity to ask about any changes in your condition, have your exercises supervised and corrected, and make changes to your plan of care if needed.

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Park North Occupational Therapy Services

OT at Park North PT

More than just physical therapy, Park North is proud to offer outpatient occupational therapy services to improve your overall health and functionality! We are dedicated to our community’s wellness goals through occupational therapy services that are focused on helping patients of all ages develop, recover or maintain the skills necessary to lead independent, satisfying lives.

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Meet Your OT Services Provider in Upper Manhattan

Our occupational therapists deliver one-on-one patient care for individuals who have physical, developmental or cognitive conditions that affect their ability to perform daily activities. The goal of our outpatient occupational therapy services is to help you regain your independence and quality of life with individualized treatment plans that address your unique needs and limits. Occupational therapy delivers a host of benefits including:

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Improved ability to perform daily activities
Occupational therapy helps improve your ability to perform daily activities such as dressing, bathing and eating.
Increased independence
Through occupational therapy, you can learn new skills or adapt your current skills to be more independent and self-sufficient.
Improved physical functioning
Our OT services can help you improve your physical functioning, such as strength, endurance, balance and coordination.
Enhanced cognitive functioning
Occupational therapy is effective for cognitive impairments to improve your memory, attention and problem-solving skills.
Decreased pain
Outpatient occupational therapy helps manage pain and discomfort associated with a variety of conditions, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.
Improved mental health
Improve mental health and well-being with OT that provides emotional support and helps you develop coping strategies as needed.
Increased participation in meaningful activities
Occupational therapy gives you confidence to engage in things you care about, like hobbies, work and social events.
Improved quality of life
Our OT services give you the independence needed to live a more fulfilling, satisfying life by improving your ability to participate in daily activities.

Outpatient Occupational Therapy Services


OT Assessment and Evaluation

Our occupational therapists will conduct a thorough assessment and evaluation of your abilities and challenges. We will use this information to develop a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and goals.


Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Training

Our therapists work with you to improve your ability to perform daily activities such as dressing, grooming and preparing meals. We also help you develop strategies to adapt to any physical or cognitive challenges you may be facing.


Upper Extremity Therapy

Our OT specialists work with your upper extremity injuries or conditions. We use a variety of techniques and modalities to improve your strength, range of motion and functional use of upper extremities.


Cognitive Rehabilitation

Our occupational therapists provide outpatient care for anyone experiencing cognitive impairments due to injury or illness. We use a variety of techniques to help you improve cognitive function and develop strategies to compensate for any deficits.


Home Modification

Our OTs will even assess your home environment and identify any modifications that may be needed to improve safety and accessibility. We also work with you to identify and obtain any necessary adaptive equipment or assistive technology.


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At Park North Physical Therapy, we are committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based occupational therapy services. We work collaboratively with you and your family to make your goals a reality and develop the programs that improve your quality of life.

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